How To Start A WordPress Blog On Hostgator: Beginners Guide

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Learning how to Start a Blog on WordPress is a great way to express yourself and share your passion with like-minded people.

It can also build a professional network for you at the same time allows you to make money online.

This guide also provides step guides on how to monetize your blog. This can be found in Step 10

If you are in this field then today I will be showing you how to start a blog on a WordPress blog with Hostgator.

You may be asking why to choose Hostgator, well because it is known for being one of the best web hosting for blogs and websites alike.

Compared to other web hosting out there Hostgator has better and reliable services like 99.9% uptime guarantee, Free SSL certificate, easy WordPress installs, and a free domain for a year. vs and are two different types of CMS.

With you have the responsibility and freedom of hosting your blog. You may also install additional free plugins without any restrictions.

Unlike which limits your options. vs

In this post, I will be showing the step by step guide to help you how to start a blog today in less than 15 minutes.

Plus, you will be getting coupon codes for your hosting once you follow the steps below.

The coupon codes can be found in Step 6.

Click here to begin then use the step guides below for easy directions

How to start a Blog in 9 Simple Steps

Step 1: Choose Hosting for your Blog

The first step to start a blog is to get a hosting plan for your site. This makes it possible for your website to be available online.

If you are starting as a new blogger then the Hostgator Hatchling plan will be the best choice for you. It provides amazing features like Free SSL Certificate and a Free domain included.

Hostgator plan

Similarly, If you want a higher plan like the Baby or Business plan in the future you can always upgrade anytime you want.

Step 2: Choose your Domain Name

After clicking the buy button you will be redirected to this page where you will have to put in your domain name for your blog.

Usually getting a domain will cost around $10 to $15 a year but with Hostgator, you will get a FREE domain.

Hostgator Free Domain

Choose your blog domain may seem hard at first because it will be the name you will stick with for a long time.

But the truth is that it does, as long the name focuses on what you will want to talk about throughout your blog. or better still you can make it simple by just using your full name.

This will help you in the long run because one of the first things a reader sees on your site is your domain name.

And you would not want a blog name that is hard to pronounce or easy to forget for your readers.

domain privacy Hostgator

Domain Privacy is optional if you prefer to be anonymous you can tick this or you prefer to be known you can untick this option to save an additional $14,95 a year.

And lastly, make sure to stick with a .com domain as seen in the image above.

Step 3: Select your Hosting Plan

Like I said previously If you are starting a blog for the first time you would want to choose the Hatchling plan which can always be later upgraded in the future.

In terms of the Billing cycle, I recommend using the 36 months @2.75/Month which is 60% off.

Because it reduces the overall price of your blog

Hostgator Hosting Plan

Also, you will have to provide a username and security pin which helps to verify your account ownership in case you may be needing customer support.

This also helps you login to your customer login portal to make changes to your account if needed.

Step: Enter Your Billing Information

The fourth step is filling in your Billing information on that same page. You have the choice of using either a credit card or paying via Paypal.

Hostagtor Billng Information

Step 5: Add Additional Services you want

Getting Additional addons on your hosting is optional but getting an SSL certificate may be important for your domain.

Because most search engines like Google tend to trust and rank sites higher who have an SSL certificate. This shows that readers’ connection to your site is secure.

Hostgator Additional service

Step 6: Enter Coupon Code

After selecting add-ons you prefer to be sure to use the coupon code LUXYDIME22 as this will unlock the discount they offer on hosting packages.

There may be discount rates based on what additional services you chose.

LUXYDIME22 coupon gets you up to 60% off hosting, 55% of Gator website builder and 55%of any other store Item.

Step 7: Proceed to Checkout

After reviewing every detail of your order you may proceed to checkout scrolling down on the same page.

Also, remember that using the above links you will be getting 60% off your Hosting plan.

Step 8: Install WordPress with Hostgator

Congratulations you are almost through on starting your new blog all is remaining is Install WordPress.

This step is easy as a click of a button. First log into your c panel then click on QuickInstall.

On the next page, you will click on one installs option

After this, you will select the WordPress Icon

Here you will need to select the Free domain you got earlier for Installation.

Below enter the required information and make sure you do not forget it because it is required for you to log in to your WordPress account.

When everything is complete your Details for your admin URL, username, and password will be shown.

Once the installation is done you are now ready to open your blog

You should now go to to enter your WordPress Admin.

Remember to use your username and password to log in.

Step 9: Designing your WordPress blog

After logging in your new blog it may look empty well that’s because you are just getting started.

To start designing your Blog you can go to the themes and download one that looks the best for your site

You can make your Blog however it befits you but just make sure your blog has an easy to use Interface for your readers.

Amazingly Hostgator hosting makes sure your site loads at high speed all day.

Checklist for your Blog

  1. Choose a Particular Blog Niche
  2. Choose a Theme
  3. Customize Appearance
  4. Write an About Page
  5. Create a Contact Page
  6. Download some Plugins (Remove ones you don’t need)
  7. Submit sitemap
  8. Insert logo and Favicon

Step 10: Monetizing your Blog

Yes, you have finally opened a Blog then what next?

If you want to make money with your Blog you have to provide value to your readers in return you get paid.

You have to write great content that makes readers want to purchase want you are proposing.

You also need to traffic to your website to do this I recommend creating an account on Pinterest and joining free platforms like Tailwind.

These platforms combined with social media presence will help you get free traffic for your blog.

If you want to monetize your Blog then joining an Affiliate Network is a must even if you are a beginner. To do this you have to be sure your websites talk about a particular Niche.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

You don’t want to be talking about health and fitness and the later promoting video games at the same time.

There are numbers of Affiliate Network out there but to get started you can join popular ones like;

  • ShareASale
  • Clickbank
  • JVZoo
  • Commission Junction
  • Flexoffers and many more!

Other Ways to make money with your Blog

  • Sponsored Content
  • Blog Advertisements
  • Selling courses
  • Mentoring
  • Selling Physical Products and much more…

Feel free to ask questions on how to start a blog? Let me know in the comments and I’ll respond!



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