10 Things you can do to improve your lifestyle

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A healthy lifestyle is essential for us all We all grew up with different perspective and knowledge of how to live our lives.

We have all been taught different setups on how to grow and manage ourselves on our daily habits but there is still a lot of things we can do to improve ourselves be that best version you want to be. 

Improving your life doesn’t have to be compelled to be concerning creating one massive gesture. Instead, it’s one thing you’ll be able to perpetually work on and it usually comes all the way down to the tiny stuff you do each day.

​If you are passionate about your self-improvement this is for you. Now let’s get ahead and know what you do to improve your Lifestyle.

1. Begin a morning routine

Creating a good morning routine is essential for a better lifestyle.

We should always plan what we do before and after getting to bed either it is reading a book, doing some exercise or even meditating can help you perform well in our day to day activities try waking up at the same time daily.

2. Set goals

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You first need to know what you want to do, then write it down these goals should be measurable and sensible.

We should all have goals we wish to fulfill but some times it may seem exhausting too much for us to handle.

To make this a lot more enduring writing down your goals in a journal or a diary will be a great idea.

One important thing to know is that no matter how big or small the target maybe starting may not be easy but in the long run it would not be worth the time you put in.

Successful business people all set goals this gives them long term vision and improves their lifestyle.

3. Learn and Read more

Reading is essential for mental growth, it helps to improve your focus, gives you smarter, expand your imagination and it builds your vocabulary.

Purchasing a good book and reading it can make you understand someone’s life story just in a week. Reading books will have a great impact on you and broaden your understanding in a lot of ways.

4. Eat healthily

better lifestyle

On your journey for a better lifestyle, you should watch what we all consume into our bodies.

Having good nutrition combined with adequate physical activity will help you.

A good diet can help you prevent chronic diseases to the body.

Always learn to eat fruits that help the body and avoid taking to much junk food cause this may hamper your development and in most cases worsen your digestion.

5. Believe in your self

We should always have faith in our good intentions no matter the circumstance we may face the secret is not to look at what you are now but to see what you can become in the coming years to come.

Always tell yourself to never give up as Nike slogan says “just do it”.

6. Quit comparing yourself to others

We all know someone wealthy out there that we admire and wish to be but the problem is that we end up not knowing how they started their journey.

It is not right to compare your first chapter in life to someone’s 30th chapter.

Jeff Bezos the richest man on earth as of 2018 did not start last year it took him 15 years to be the man he is today.

And that’s just one of many out there we should learn to focus on our plans and not wishing to be like someone else.

7. Meditate

better lifestyle

Meditations is a practice where a person performs several techniques to focus their mind on an object, thought or activity in other to achieve a calm and balanced mindset. 

Meditation has existed a very long time ago.

It reduces stress and enhances self-awareness meditating daily causes you to self reflect on ourselves and others making us judge less and fight negative patterns in our behaviors.

This will improve your lifestyle and give you a sense of composure in many circumstances.

8. Exercise

better lifestyle

Having regular exercise will definitely improve your lifestyle because it makes you feel good and lessens the feeling of depression.

It makes the bone stronger plus, lessens the risk of having blood pressure.

Blood fat levels in contrast lack of exercise may lead to several chronic diseases and muscle atrophy (is when muscles waste away).

So it is generally advisable to have at least a weekly exercise routine like jogging at the nearest park nearby or try a good all-around activity like swimming.

​9. Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is the wrong habit we all should stop.

Procrastinating is something we all probably do sometimes in our life but overcoming this will help you to grow mentally and be more hardworking.

Here is an example of how you can stop procrastinating by Mel Robbins a famous motivational speaker she said firstly we should acknowledge the stress next you count from 1-5 to interrupt the procrastination habit then do what you have to do for at least for five minutes this will give you the drive to push more.​

10. Pay of debts

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Debt can have a long term consequence on any individual.

The average US household with a credit card debt has estimated over $6,741 in debt and almost 70% of students as of 2018 have an average of $29,800.

Debt can seem okay at first but debt does not help us at all. The best way to prevent getting debts is to always track our spending I encourage getting a financial management service like; Mint.com, Personal capital, and YNAB.



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