9 Transcription Jobs that will pay you to translate audio to text

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Transcription Jobs are well similar to stay at home-based jobs that make people earn money and it is easy to learn if you are very familiar with typing on a computer.

As a Transcriber your job is to listen carefully to a given audio or video file and transcribe it (convert an audio or video into written text) depending on what format you choose.

Embarking on a Transcription career can be distant if you are not into typing. The reason transcription jobs are popular is mainly because it’s flexible and the payouts are fair.

In other to be a good transcriptionist you have to be able to type at a high skill level and always meet job deadlines.

In this post, I will be revealing to you the top transcription websites that are home-based and you can join for free some of them mentioned might need applicants to get experience before your application, most of them will request for a short English test and when passed will be promptly accepted.

Top Online Transcription Jobs

1. Rev

Rev is a well-known transcription website globally. As a Transcriptionist, you can either be a Captioner or Transcriptionist.

A wide range of people, from stay-at-home moms to college students and retirees, work from home with Rev.

rev review

Just Sign up to be a freelancer and you will be given a short test and within 24 hours they will email to tell you if you are accepted or not.

Payment method: PayPal
Click here to join Rev!

2. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe provides convenience it is one of the most preferable Transcription websites out there they pay from $15 to $22 per audio hour with the highest earners averaging about $2000 per month.

After signing up they will give you a well explained guide on how to pass their English exam. Once you pass this, they will inform you within 12 business days so that you can start working.

Payment method: PayPal
Click here to join TranscribeMe!

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3. gotranscript

transcribe on gotranscript

If you are a beginner and what to start earning Asap gotranscripts is a suitable platform to join.

It takes little time to sign up and with gotranscript, you can earn up to $1200 per month.

You also have the option to select the type of project you would prefer. gotranscripts pay weekly through PayPal for every work completed.

Payment method: PayPal and Payoneer
​Click here to join gotranscripts and start earning!

4. Scribie

transcribe on scribie

​Scribie is an easy home based job it provides convenience to there freelancers but first, you will need to go through an English Test.

They pay about $5 to $25 per audio hour and they give away a $5 bonus when you complete 3 hours a month with just a Six-minute video to be transcribed

Payment method: PayPal
Click here to join Scribie!

5. GMR Transcription

transcribe on gmr transcription

GMR Transcription is a US-based transcription website founded back in 2004 and has been growing ever since. This is a high paying Transcription website with workers earning about $500 to $3000 per month.

This platform only accepts US-based residents and not international dwellers but even if you stay in the US and fluent in Spanish, Arabic Mandarin, and others, you will be able to receive a higher payout than only English transcribers.

​Plus joining this platform does not require you to have captioning experience before your application and it’s free to sign up but you will be given a short transcription test to be a qualified employee.

Payment method: Bank transfer
Click here to join GMR Transcription!

6. SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite has been around over 20 years ago With over 60,000 members already joined subscribed.

This program demands quite some requirement before you get accepted like for example you must have work experience and fluent English, a quick typing test in addition to that you have to be a Legal residence of the US or Canada to join.

Transcriptionists on this platform can be able to earn from $400 to $3000 in a month.

Payment method: PayPal and Bank transfer
Click here to join SpeakWrite!

7. Daily Transcription

transcribe on daily transcription

Daily Transcription has a quick and easy hiring process you only have to take a transcription test that is only available to residents from the US, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

Pretty continuous workflow and be able to work on your schedule. you will be paid weekly.

Top transcriptionist that works with daily transcription makes between $250- $950 per week.

Payment method: Check
​Click here to join Daily Transcription!

8. Onehourtranslation

transcribe on onehourtranslation

One Hour Translation is an online translation that started since 2008 it is a global transcription site that means anyone can join after passing your online exams and be given a certification to start working and get paid.

With this, you can work whenever you wish plus you will be provided with adequate translation tools.

transcribe on onehourtranslation

And as you gain experience from the previous work you will be awarded badges that look like this:

those badges reflect on your rank on the platform.

Payment method: PayPal and Payoneer
Click here to join Onehourtranslation!

9. Speechpad

transcribe on speechpad

Speechpad makes it accessible for beginners to enroll. speechpad pays consistently and on time when your task has been completed, reviewed by the client and accepted.

​To join this program you will have to go through an application process and score above 98 on the basic transcription test and 75 or above on the grammar test when done you will be granted your speechpad worker account.

Next, you will need to read and digitally sign a given agreement then you will be qualified to start working.

Payment method: PayPal
Click here to join Speechpad!

Skills needed to be a good Transcriptionist

  • ​​You have to be fluent in English
  • Be a good typist
  • Grammar and punctuation skills
  • Be Hardworking (because some works will be given a deadline on when it ought to be completed)
  • Persistence

These are my recommended website to get a Transcription job to join and start earning money even though they’re a lot of alternatives out there with comparable features.

The key to earning money as a transcriptionist is being consistent because as you continue to work you can only get better and better than before.

I propose you join about 2-3 Transcription site to signup depending on your free time to avert overcrowding yourself with a task you might not do.

Any more questions on Transcription Jobs? Let me know in the comments and I’ll respond!



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